Who are we?

Founding Vision

A competitive, innovative and borderless Africa for trade, investment, and industrialization.

Founding Mission

To be the premier advocacy arm and platform for private sector cooperation and engagement at the African continental level, strengthening economic, commercial, business, and investment ties among the business communities of the African continent, while ensuring regular inclusive dialogue with the African Union


  • Advocate for the African business interests of the private sector in the African region
  • Promote trade, industrialization, and investment amongst the African private sector, and between Africa and the rest of the World
  • Provide a platform of engagement between policy makers at AU level and the private sector
  • Provide a platform of engagement between policy makers at AU level and the private sector;
  • Improve the communication/collaboration between AU and the private sector;
  • Contribute to and promote pan-African economic integration and structural transformation;
  • Create value propositions for businesses through the provision of information and opportunities for engagement and networking to support business growth. This includes providing sector-specific market & business insights, market intelligence reports and advisory services;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of trade and trade- related programs across the continent (contribute the internal and external processes)
  • Aggregating the views of the private sector towards trade policy-making processes;
  • Exchange of experiences and capacity building towards strengthening the private sector in Africa.
  • To support and empower the participation of SMEs, women, and youth in the African and the global economy.